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Wall Street vs. Main Street Investment Attributes

February 29, 2016
Wall Street vs. Main Street Investment Attributes

Market leadership is constantly changing as sub-sectors come in and out of favor and particular investment attributes ebb and flow in popularity. One new theme in 2016 is the resurgence of “Main Street” type investments and overall investment exposures relative to “Wall Street” investment exposures. More simply put, mass market exposures are outperforming higher-end, upper income/luxury exposures. Within the consumer space noteworthy moves and investment shifts are underway as some of 2015’s high fliers are dramatically tumbling back down to earth. A stark example is Restoration Hardware. The stock is cut in half since the start of the year and down some 60 points, to $40, from prices above $100 just last fall. The culprit for RH is a dramatic sales and earnings miss in a promotional environment for furniture....

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