Crackerjack Finance holds the viewpoint that superior investment results come from three areas:  knowledge, perspective, and disciplined research. After growing weary of financial websites and blogs that either a) regurgitate headlines or b) scratch the surface with the quick-and-easy investment recommendations, Crackerjack was conceptualized in order to provide much deeper investment analysis with regard to the broad economy, overall markets, sector themes, geopolitical implications, and most importantly, straightforward company/stock research. Content on this site will be clearly delineated if it is a high conviction investment idea vs an observation or research that is provided to help deepen an understanding of the economy, markets, or a company.

Crackerjack believes in an open forum where analysis can be exchanged and stand on its own merit. Creative ideas, which contain unique insights will be presented on this site. The idea is to create a forum for passionate investors to obtain ideas, and take control of the investment process. Crackerjack is destined to not always get to the right answers and conclusions but will strive to arrive at the essence of investment themes.

Crackerjack believes in anonymity so that ideas can be evaluated, shared, and debated freely. All investment ideas will either be from Crackerjack’s founders or from outside submissions that are vetted by Crackerjack. Investors are encouraged to take ownership of all their investments. Armed with knowledge and perspective the investment journey can be stimulating, rewarding, and lucrative.