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Here’s how it’s different this time

August 19, 2011
Here’s how it’s different this time

How is 2011 different than 2008? As the financial press quotes “investment professionals” each and every morning on the front page of the WSJ or the TOP bloomberg story with mention of how dire the market and economic situation is, and how there are many similarities to the feel of 2008 – I thought it was a good time to highlight how things are actually different: 2008 vs 2011: 1)  In 2008, the housing market imploded, which was a seminal event in terms of US household wealth destruction. House prices ran unabated (up) for three decades and were proclaimed to “never go down”. The value of the national housing stock is down 33% from the peak. The wealth destruction from leveraged ownership to housing has and is impacting consumer...

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