US Sovereign Debt Downgrade

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The downgrade of the US sovereign credit rating is sure to cause continued jitters in the financial markets on Monday morning. In actuality, there may be net-positive developments this weekend as it now appears clear that the ECB will engage in buying the debt of Italy and Spain. Drawing a “line-in-the-sand” for Italy and Spain […]

Chitaly – China to purchase Italian Sovereign Debt?

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Crackerjack continues to hold the view, that what transpired in the markets is a crisis of confidence, more so than an actual crisis. There is a big and important difference. During the real-deal 2008-2009 economic crisis you had actual insolvent institutions as the value of mortgage securities declined when the US housing market imploded. The sovereign […]

Fears of a Crisis Grow

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Fears of a Crisis Grow Interesting market reactions this morning. While many market participants are clearly being terrorized by a crisis of confidence (and this is always a risk) there look to be some genuinely better pieces of information. Markets are selling off based on rhetoric from the ECB. As we discussed yesterday, the ECB […]

Guess? (GES) – An undervalued global brand

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Guess (GES) is an undervalued global brand. The stock performance has decoupled relative to many other global apparel stocks based on a number of factors such as: fashion, US comparable store sales, exposure to Europe, and management team changes. Negativity looks overblown for investors who have patience and perspective, especially relative to valuations of other […]

Welcome to Crackerjack Finance

Crackerjack Finance holds the view that superior investment results come from three areas: knowledge, perspective, and disciplined research. After growing weary of financial websites and blogs that either a) regurgitate headlines or b) scratch the surface with quick-and-easy investment recommendations, Crackerjack was conceptualized in order to provide deeper investment analysis with regard to the broad […]