“Recession Trade” – Clear by Investor Actions Today

                 The immediate observation for those watching this macabre sell-off is that stocks are pretty much being sold off based upon how they would be expected to hold-up in a recession, that will presumably be starting within the next 6-months or so. Any stocks that have a very high valuation, are particularly leveraged, are pro-cyclical […]

US Sovereign Debt Downgrade

tattered flag

The downgrade of the US sovereign credit rating is sure to cause continued jitters in the financial markets on Monday morning. In actuality, there may be net-positive developments this weekend as it now appears clear that the ECB will engage in buying the debt of Italy and Spain. Drawing a “line-in-the-sand” for Italy and Spain […]

Welcome to Crackerjack Finance

Crackerjack Finance holds the view that superior investment results come from three areas: knowledge, perspective, and disciplined research. After growing weary of financial websites and blogs that either a) regurgitate headlines or b) scratch the surface with quick-and-easy investment recommendations, Crackerjack was conceptualized in order to provide deeper investment analysis with regard to the broad […]