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S&P2K; a new highs odyssey

August 28, 2014
S&P2K; a new highs odyssey

Please excuse the summer lull – anticipating more regular posts after a well needed period of summer travel! Two posts ago (in late May) focused on the market ascent to 1,900. In relatively short order, another centennial milestone is surpassed with the market melt-up to 2,000 over the past 15 trading days. Recapping the market action this summer (while CJF was on hiatus):         market hit new highs in July multiple on the S&P 500 approached 16.5x (notably representing new cycle highs) several geopolitical fears hit (Iraq, Syria, Israel, Russia/Ukraine) none of the geopolitical fears came close to corralling the bull (only a 4% pullback ensued) still no correction of 10% (for those keeping track it’s been over 1,000 days since one) since Aug 7th, there...

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