Target – Missoni is a Home Run!


A number of news reports have been out regarding the new exclusive apparel and home line designed by Missoni for Target (TGT). The Italian designer is very well regarded in the fashion world and Target getting an exclusive launch of this magnitude speaks to the credibility of the merchandising team and the power of the […]

Why the Market Will Bottom Higher than 2009 – An Analysis of S&P 500 Free Cash Flows

roller coaster

The market is in the midst of a crisis. The US sovereign credit rating has been downgraded. Developed market economies are demonstrating an inability to create jobs. Greece is about to default on its sovereign debt which will lead to contagion through the financial system in Europe. French and other European financials will be downgraded […]

Chitaly Starts to Mambo Italiano – China in Talks To Buy Italian Sovereign Debt?

rosemary clooney

I mentioned this possibility over a month ago on August 5th, in the story “Chitaly – China to Purchase Italian Sovereign Debt?” Headlines just hit that Italy is in talks with China to directly buy Italian bonds according to the FT. This headline caused an immediate lift to depressed markets which is quickly getting faded. I believe this may […]

Eurozone Breakup – Implications for Financial Markets are Disastrous

one euro

Over Labor Day weekend we saw an unfortunate breakdown in Europe’s approach, strategy, and near-term ability to avoid a financial crisis. In the Mecklenburg Western Pomerian state (along the coast of the Baltic Sea), Germans voted against the Christian Democratic Union which is a repudiation of Angela Merkel’s support and commitment to the Eurozone. I’ll […]

Chanel, Gaspard Ulliel, Scorsese, and The Rolling Stones: The Awesome Power of Global Brands

gaspard ulliel

One theme I have been highlighting is the value that exists in the developed European corporate sector which of course gets ignored as fears of a crisis escalate. Chanel having the ability to get Martin Scorsese to direct an advertisement with French actor, Gaspard Ulliel, with vintage Rolling Stones (“She Said Yeah – December’s Children […]