It’s Time to Buy in Hong Kong

hong kong

After a brutal correction in both prices and valuations it is time to get long(er) China geared Hong Kong listed equities. I believe the timing is right because the single largest risk factor, inflationary pressure, is in the process of peaking, and is likely to abate moving forward. China growth persists at a 9% clip […]

Redbook Chain Store Sales Remain Strong – Don’t Indicate Slowdown


There has been considerable airplay relating to the “near recessionary” levels of many economic indicators in August. Readings for consumer confidence, economic optimism, and Fed Surveys from Philadelphia, New York, and Richmond have all contracted. These items have led many economists and forecasters to predict a sharp downturn in ISM (released Thursday), and have led […]

Greek Stock Market Surges on M&A


The Greek stock market is having a melt-up this morning, with the largest gains in 20-years. The index as a whole is up 14%, which isn’t bad for those who managed to get long Greek equities on Friday. And for more adventurous and daring sorts, the Cypriot stock market is up 18.5% this morning; Cyprus is leveraged […]

Google (GOOG) – A Focused Internet Giant

Google (GOOG) was highlighted in a post we did after the announcement to acquire Motorola on 8/15/11. In actuality, Google has the opportunity to produce 20-30% stock price returns for a number of years as investors today are buying into the stock at the ex-financial crisis low valuation. We break down Google into the following […]

Here’s how it’s different this time


How is 2011 different than 2008? As the financial press quotes “investment professionals” each and every morning on the front page of the WSJ or the TOP bloomberg story with mention of how dire the market and economic situation is, and how there are many similarities to the feel of 2008 – I thought it […]